Let’s get married with Decorum!

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Let’s get married with Decorum!

Your wedding day, for many the most beautiful day of their lives! During wedding days, you see flowers in all kinds of shapes, varieties and colours. From room decorations and table centrepieces to the bridal bouquet and corsages. A wedding day without flowers is like the sea without water. But which flowers are ideal to give your wedding day that unforgettable touch? We listed four of our Decorum favourites for you! 💍💖




With its full and round shape, the Peony is the perfect ornamental highlight in late spring and early summer. The flower originates from China where it was mainly grown for its roots as it was believed that these had a fever-reducing and styptic effect. Nowadays, the Peony is better known for its symbolic meaning: the Peony is a symbol for love, happiness and health, making it a great addition to any bouquet.

With more than a thousand varieties, in all different kinds of colours and shapes, this flower is impressive and versatile. For example, there are flowers with a single row of petals, with ‘half’ double or double flowers and that is merely some shapes.  Apart from all the different shapes, the Peony is available in a delightful colour palette: ranging from soft yellow, romantic white and bubble-gum pink to dark red. Also, it’s scent is enchanting and deliciously sweet. Enough reasons to cheer up your bouquet or flower arrangement with a couple of beautiful Peonies. Grower of this product: Borst Bloembollen.



A particularly versatile flower is the Lisianthus. The flowers may be cream, white, blue, pink, lilac, purple or salmon and some flowers even have multi-coloured petals. Besides being colourful, the petals of the Lisianthus are elegant and graceful. More importantly, the Lisianthus has a strong symbolism: the flower represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma.

Originally from North America, where it grows along the riverbeds of the desert and in prairie regions, the Lisianthus’ success really began due to Japanese growers who crossed the plant in the 1930, resulting in today’s Lisianthus. And today’s Lisianthus is soft and sweet with powerful meaning; that is why these flowers are the perfect bouquet gift for someone extra special. Grower of this product: Montana Lisianthus.




Due to its longevity, the Chrysanthemum is a popular flower amongst florists and is often used in floral arrangements for weddings. In general, the Chrysanthemums symbolise happiness, loyalty, honesty and friendship. But symbolism is different everywhere. In Japan, the Chrysanthemum is an imperial flower; it adorns the Emperor’s seal which is used only for the highest honours. And throughout Asia, the Chrysanthemum is revered for its prosperity and luck. This flower thus represents many traits celebrated during weddings.

You can choose from many different shapes and colours. Whether you prefer the fluff, bunch or classic spray Chrysanthemum and white, cream or pink, this flower will brighten up any bouquet and, of course, your wedding day. Grower of this product: Van Dijk FlowersAndre knoppert & Zn.Arcadia Chrysanten & Van Wordragen Flowers.



Naturally, not everyone marries in June or September. Some may prefer autumn or even winter while not all flowers are available every seasons. But Decorum offers a wide range of flowers year round!


The Helleborus is a stunning plant which is available year round at Decorum. It may not be the most obvious choice, but with its cup-shaped flowers, longevity and radiant colours, this plant is extra special. It is also known as the Christmas rose and, really, who does not enjoy a bit of the warm and joyful Christmas feeling during their special day? Grower of this product is Fiore

In addition to the three flowers and one plants mentioned above, Decorum has other great options available for creating the most beautiful venues, table centrepieces and cars, including Anthurium, Asparagus or Calla. 

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