Muscari Muscari Muscari
Muscari Muscari Muscari

Product information:

Blue is the colour of passion: everyone knows this plant thanks to its well known family member, the grape hyacinth. The name Muscari is less familiar, and the unrecognised name tends to be reflected in its lesser popularity. The grape hyacinth is exceptional: not many flowers are blue. And then there is the Muscari’s attractive fragrance. The varieties we know are common in the wild and not even particularly far from here: in Southern Europe and in North Africa. Asia’s western regions are also a favoured zone. This fascinating heritage demonstrates the plant enjoys the light, but not the full furnace blast of the sun. Keep the soil moist by watering twice a week. Fertiliser is not required. Another good idea: has the Muscari finished flowering in your home, then move it out to the garden. The plants are immune to a bit of frost, so no worries. 

Care tips:

  • Richiede molta luce, non esporre a pieno sole.
  • Temperatura massima 20º C.
  • Mantenere umida e non lasciare asciugare la terra.
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