Livistona Livistona
Livistona Livistona

Product information:

The Livistona is a truly individual plant. It not only looks good, it is also very healthy for you. For this reason it attracted the accolade of ‘office plant of the year’ a number of years ago. Bloemenbureau Holland was commissioned to perform lab research on plants in 2012, investigating to what extent the plants remove chemical substances such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. A professional panel identified a top three: the Calathea, Ficus Ginseng and Livistona (all three available in the Decorum range). Panel chairperson, Prof Dr Bert van Duijn of Fytagoras Plant Science: “Lab research clearly demonstrates that the Livistona is an excellent air purifier and has a positive influence on interior humidity. This plant is a significant contributor to countering so called Sick Building Syndrome, reducing eye irritation, headaches and tiredness, both at home and in the office.” The Livistona requires little care; watering twice a week usually suffices. The Livistona was also appointed a firm favourite by a panel of users, who mentioned that the plant reminds them of tropical regions, giving even a wet Wednesday in the office a little bit of that holiday feeling. Enjoy your working day!

Care tips:

  • Sistemare a mezza ombra, non esporre a luce solare diretta.
  • D'inverno non superare 15 ºC.
  • Mantenere umida e non lasciare asciugare la terra.
  • Spruzzare con acqua 1 volta alla settimana.
  • Fertilizzare 1 volta al mese.
  • Adatta a luoghi poco luminosi.
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