Helleborus Helleborus
Helleborus Helleborus

Product information:

The Helleborus is sometimes also called the ‘Christmas rose’ and delivers gifts of the most beautiful flowers in the very depths of winter. At precisely the moment when everything in the garden is hibernating, the Christmas rose appears with its radiant flowers to reassure you life continues outside when you look out the window. Snow and frost are as water to a duck’s back with the winter rose. Tip: the Helleborus can dry out in a cutting wind, so keep an eye on the weather forecast and remember to water profusely before the freezing sets in. It is pointless pouring water on frozen soil, as it will only freeze and may even damage the plant.

Care tips:

  • Sistemare a mezza ombra, non esporre a luce solare diretta.
  • Fertilizzare 1 volta al mese nel periodo invernale.
  • Eliminare le foglie appassite.
  • Tagliare il ramo dopo la fioritura.
  • Pianta a lunga durata.
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