Gardenia Gardenia Gardenia
Gardenia Gardenia Gardenia

Product information:

The Gardenia (Jasminoides) is sometimes known as the Cape Jasmine. This beautiful plant originates in southern Asia. When looked after properly, the Gardenia will provide deliciously scented, creamy white, rose-like flowers for months on end. These flowers will scent your living room with an entirely natural jasmine-like fragrance day and night. Its attractive dark green shiny leaves ensure the plant’s decorative value even when not in bloom. The Gardenia can also be sited outside on a terrace or balcony during warmer periods. However, keep in mind this is a tropical-germinated plant and needs to spend winter indoors. Nice to know: the Gardenia is also a popular choice with celebrities. Queen Máxima featured the flowers in her bridal bouquet and stars such as Madonna and Lady Gaga have both expressed their fondness for the Gardenia.

Care tips:

  • Esporre in un luogo luminoso e al sole.
  • Temperatura ideale 18 - 25 ºC.
  • Mantenere umida e non lasciare asciugare la terra.
  • Evitare l'acqua in eccesso nel vaso e nel sottovaso.
  • Innaffiare con acqua piovana o a basso tenore di calcio.
  • Fertilizzare 2 volte al mese.
  • Eliminare i fiori appassiti.
  • E' una pianta profumata.
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