Chrysanne Margarita

Chrysanne Margarita

Product information:

The Feel Green Chrysanne Margarita is beautiful, and besides being very beautiful, this series is also grown in a sustainable way. The Chrysanne Margarita is characterized by the fresh green heart that stands out in all available colours. In Greek, Margriet means ''Pearl'' and that fits exactly with this plant! It is a vigorously flowering and compact plant that is available all year round. The flowers will give you at least five weeks of flowering pleasure, whether you put the plant in your home or on the terrace during the summer months.

The grower of our Feel Green Chrysanne Margarita is MPS A, MPS GAP and MPS SQ certified. 

Care tips:

  • Sistemare a mezza ombra, non esporre a luce solare diretta.
  • Mantenere umida e non lasciare asciugare la terra.
  • Evitare l'acqua in eccesso nel vaso e nel sottovaso.
  • Non occorre fertilizzare.
  • Una pianta molto apprezzata dentro e fuori casa.
  • Temperatura ideale ± 15 ºC.
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