Areca Areca Areca
Areca Areca Areca

Product information:

The Areca originates from countries in South America. For example in Guatemala and Costa Rica it is possible to see Areca's in the wild. In the Netherlands, however, the plant can only be placed indoors. When the Areca is removed from the sleeve, the plant will sag somewhat in the beginning. This does not detract from the ornamental value; the plant then appropriates a little more space.

Areca's need sufficient water in the growing period, possibly supplemented with a plant food (available at garden centers). In autumn and winter you can see on the top of the root ball whether the plant is too dry. When the plant is sufficiently moist, the soil is dark. Fertilizing should be done according to the instructions of the fertilizer supplier.

Young leaves of the Areca are light green, this discolours to a slightly darker green. If the plant has withered leaf tips, these can be cut with scissors. The plant produces new leaves from the so-called "pegs". Do not place an areca in a draught or near a heat source. Then the plant has the least chance of catching a disease or infestation. If the plant does, it is best to remove the entire pen (branch) where the pest occurs.

Care tips:

  • water this plant once a week
  • Sistemare a mezza ombra, non esporre a luce solare diretta.
  • Evitare aria corrente.
  • Mantenere umida e non lasciare asciugare la terra.
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