Decorum | Feel the quality

Since 1995

In 1995 several innovative growers who joined forces established a collective brand then called: Merk Ontwikkeling Sierteelt (MOS). They wanted to create a quality brand label for the specialist trade. They were convinced of the need to be distinctive in terms of quality rather than indistinguishable in the chain. There was also a desire for collaboration and sharing of knowledge. So that is what they did for hours and hours…

Consumer safari

Decorum wanted to create a different market approach that involved listening to the wishes of the consumer. To do this the growers organised a consumer safari in shops and consumers’ homes. They examined what consumers are looking for when they consider buying flowers and plants. Eric Moor, the former chairman of Decorum explained: ‘we really needed to do this consumer safari. We thought we knew everything, but nothing could be farther from the truth. And we needed to hear that information from someone else. Only when you gather this all together, you can finally perceive what the consumer wants. This allowed Decorum to choose the right approach’.

An important year

In 1999 the first plant with the Decorum quality label appeared on the market. Over the years, the association continued to grow, in terms of the numbers of its members, products and ambitions.

Decorum was supplying the specialist trade in Europe and had also started several private labels in Dutch and Belgian chains. Decorum was the plant supplier working together with various partners.

Then in 2013 an important step was taken: Decorum decided to expand into flowers, Decorum Flowers. Why was this done? There was an increasing demand for high quality flowers with one brand label. There were also great opportunities in the retail branch. In 2013 Decorum got the chance to collaborate with several quality supermarket chains in Germany. It allowed Decorum to apply an optimal category management: a complete plant- and flower display arranged according to assortment proposals and order recommendations. By building up a long-term relationship with a retailer, sharing data and acting boldly, great partnerships evolved.

And now

Now Decorum works with all its growers on products that include the best quality in combination with sustainability, new innovations and unique concepts. Decorum can proudly tell that their brand and its values is reaching further than just Europe. Our flowers and plants are now available for everyone. Decorum has, in part through its progressive members, built up a pioneering role in recent years. The belief in a high quality flower- and plant brand has never changed and will always remain our focus.