Sustainable business

The superior quality brand Decorum stands for guaranteed premier quality, direct from source and combined with continuous innovation and sustainability.
The market, governments and society apply permanent pressure to make cultivation more sustainable. We view this at Decorum as an excellent opportunity to take on board our full responsibility and endeavour to do our utmost for both man and the environment.

Sustainable entrepreneurship
For Decorum and its growers, quality is at the very heart of everything we do; and always will be. Our growers cultivate their plants and flowers with passion and care.
Care for the product, care for the environment. Among other things this is expressed in energy saving activities, recycling (packaging and cultivation materials), use of natural pesticides (such as insects), efficient use of water and sustainable heat sources. Decorum selects its growers based on a range of aspects, quality being the key factor. Decorum’s growers are pioneering, innovative and socially responsible.

Most sustainable grower
All of Decorum’s growers are enthusiastic and have the knowledge, experience and capability of growing their products sustainably. A number of members aim even higher, Decorum member Ter Laak Orchids for example has been officially recognised as the Netherlands’ ‘most sustainable grower’. Ter Laak is the first Dutch grower to build an innovative and energy saving daylight greenhouse, where sunlight is utilised for heating, is stored and used in other parts of the greenhouse. This delivers an energy saving of no less than 50%.
Cultivator of the beautiful Red Naomi rose, Van der Drift Roses is also highly active in the field of sustainability. For instance up to sixty greenhouse mounted solar panels supplement their power requirements, whilst they maximise the use of organic pest controls. Van der Drift also participates in an energy cluster which supplies five major companies with energy. These are just a few of the manifold examples of Decorum members’ sustainable activities. Vital here is that growers inspire each other by sharing knowledge regarding socially responsible entrepreneurship.