Oncidium Oncidium Oncidium
Oncidium Oncidium Oncidium

Product information:

The Oncidium is also called the tiger orchid, named in recognition of the flower’s tiger print pattern. The Oncidium has many varieties, each with its individual tiger print. This exceptionally prolific orchid was originally discovered in North and South America and could be found everywhere from Florida and Mexico, and down as far to Peru and Argentina. The Oncidium boasts multiple buds and flowers. When in full bloom this yellow orchid will burst sunshine into your living room. Regular spraying of the leaves and roots will ensure a protracted lifespan for the plant. 

Care tips:

  • Good light, but no bright sunlight.
  • Ideal temperature 20 ºC.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Do not leave excess water in saucer/dish.
  • Apply fertiliser once a month.
  • Immerse plant in water if it becomes dry.
  • Keep out of draughts.
  • Long lasting.
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