Iris Iris Iris
Iris Iris Iris

Product information:

The iris is a true outdoors lover and enjoys a fresh breeze. The bulb in a pot plant prefers an external place in the sun. Once the bulbs have finished blooming you can plant them out in the garden in early autumn, at a depth of 8-10 cm, for the next year. The iris is not keen on the extreme cold, however it can take a mild frost (-2 °C) in its stride. The iris’s flowers are wonderful, each displaying their own colour. From white to multi-coloured; an iris will liven up any garden. Good to know: each part of the flower has its own name, such as the flag (the upstanding petals), the lip (the hanging petals) and the honey brand (the lines on the lip).

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Care tips:

  • Favourite plant for indoors and outdoors.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Ideal temperature 0 - 22 °C
  • Light, sunny spot.
  • Perennial plant.
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