Ensete maurelli

Ensete maurelli Ensete maurelli
Ensete maurelli Ensete maurelli

Product information:

Ensete Maurelii is a banana plant, appreciated for its size, its exceptionally large leaves and its wonderful red colour. Due to the red leaves the plant is also known as Red Banana. An immediate eye catcher it grows remarkably fast; in summer it can acquire a leaf a week. The plant can be kept inside or outdoors, either in a pot or directly in the garden soil. It requires considerable watering during the summer months and will do best with a little fertiliser. Take the plant inside for the winter, as it will not survive the frost. You only need to start watering the plant again when you return it outside in spring. Now there’s an easy one for you! 

Picture: Proven Winners Plants 

Care tips:

  • Requires little attention.
  • Suitable as garden plant in spring.
  • Overwinter indoors.
  • Keep plant slightly dry in winter.
  • water this plant once a week
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