Charmelia Purple

Charmelia Purple

Product information:

Decorum grower Together2Grow have something new: the Florinca Charmelia Purple. Charmelia is delightful, feminine, elegant, rich in flowers and known for its beautiful, enchanting appearance. She is perfect for a solo appearance in the vase and also a very charming eye-catcher in mixed bouquets. Together with the new, refreshing Decorum-Charmelia packaging line, it's a real eye-catcher!

The new variety has a striking purple color. The Charmelia Purple is also distinguished by its rich flowering and many branched flowers. The Charmelia Purple is exclusively cultivated by Together2Grow.

Care tips:

  • Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food
  • Trim the stems diagonally.
  • Don’t place in a draught, above the radiator or in full sun
  • Remove the leaves that end up under water, so that the water does not become contaminated.
  • Remove dead heads of flowers.
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