Top florist embraces sustainability

One cannot ignore sustainability. And that is a good thing, because we have to save our natural resources. In addition, people need a healthy and green living environment, now more than ever. Not only growers, but also florists face a big challenge. Sustainability is a challenge, but also an opportunity. As a sector, we are not telling enough about what we are already doing very well. Decorum growers are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. They invest in sustainable packaging, organic crop protection products and also in the use of renewable energy such as geothermal and solar energy.

Sustainability is becoming more important to florists. More and more florists are looking at things like used products when they buy, such as Manfred Hofmann. Mr. Hofmann has two beautiful flower shops in Düsseldorf and is also creative director of Fachverband Deutscher Floristen. "Decorum is more than just a brand for me, because I got to know the growers and employees behind the brand. I have seen how much effort they make to use as few resources as possible during cultivation. And they use as many organic products as possible. This is important to florists. I want to work safely and sell products that I can support," says Mr. Hoffmann.


Slowly but surely, consumers are also asking about the origin of flowers and plants or about the means used during the cultivation. These are not easy questions for florists. Brands offer a solution. As a florist, if you know the story behind a brand, you can share that story with your customers. Decorum has been the premium brand of 55 top growers for as long as 20 years. Only the very best of their nursery enters the market with the Decorum brand. As a florist, you know that you will always buy the best products. And from now on, the Decorum brand also stands for sustainability. All Decorum growers, for example, have a GAP certificate. This means that they work safely, use energy sparingly and use as few crop protection products as possible.

There are Decorum growers who go a step further and work with almost exclusively biological products. They have earned the designation Product Proof. With the Feel Green brand, these progressive growers have a brand that shows consumers that they are buying a sustainable product. Feel Green meets all Decorum requirements in terms of quality. The packaging and labels are made out of paper. Feel Green plants are also delivered in a cardboard tray. Mr. Hoffmann is enthusiastic about Decorum's Feel Green orchid. "Some of my customers want a sustainable product. With Feel Green I do not have to explain anything anymore. The story is on the packaging and it exudes sustainability."


There is so much more to tell about sustainability. Did you know that Decorum orchids are grown in a daylight greenhouse? As a result, gas consumption has been drastically reduced. And did you know that Decorum green plants grow with geothermal energy? Behind the Decorum brand there are many wonderful stories from passionate growers who want to help you excite the consumer. Because one thing is certain: flowers and plants make the world a better place

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