Novelty Cymbidium Kensi

The new Kensi 

Kwekerij Koningshof introduces its novelty Kensi. The large-flowered cymbidium has a hard pink colour and a unique dark lip, which provides a nice contrast in the flower. The Kensi is a very sturdy branch with many flowers and is available from week 39 to 44. You can leave the cymbidium in the vase for three weeks.

Kwekerij Koningshof has almost 100 (!) large-flowered varieties of cymbidiums in its assortment and can offer cymbidiums all year round. A characteristic for the flowers of Aad and Frans de Koning is the exceptional quality of their flowers! Frans always selects his best varieties for Decorum and is looking for new varieties to broaden his assortment on a daily basis.

- Large-flowered
- Unique dark lip
- Sturdy branch with lots of flowers

The Cymbidium Kensi is cultivated exclusively by Decorum Grower Kwekerij Koningshof and is now avaiable in the Decorum Webshop. Check for more details about the Kensi this link to the Decorum webshop.

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