Feel Green assortment Decorum expands

Feel Green assortment Decorum expands

Last autumn, growers cooperation Decorum presented the sustainable Feel Green line for the first time at the Trade Fair. A few products were available at the launch, but that's very different six months after the fair. The range of products is rapidly expanding and at the moment there are over 10 growers with about 20 products that supply in Feel Green. The assortment will expand even further this year.

 Decorum growers who offer Feel Green meet high sustainability requirements and strive for a minimal CO2 footprint. They are Global or MPS-Gap and MPS-SQ certified, which means that strict requirements in the field of product traceability, hygiene and social aspects are met. Feel Green products are Product Proof, they contain a transparent process regarding the registration of the correct (biological) crop protection. The packaging and the label are made of biodegradable and renewable materials. In this way, the use of plastic is minimized. All Feel Green products are delivered in a cardboard tray or reusable container. "The fact that more and more products are available in Feel Green is testament to the increasing demand for sustainable products. Decorum growers who will also be offering Feel Green in the future will only strengthen the brand. It is important that we continue to develop ourselves in the field of sustainability and further expand our range," says Richard Scheffers of Richplant.

As a member of the Floriculture Sustainable Initiative, sustainability is high on Decorum's agenda. The ambition of the cooperation is to have all its members at least MPS or Global GAP certified and also to have achieved a social certificate such as MPS SQ.





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