Discover the Lilium Shine On

Discover the Lilium Shine On

Discover the Lilium Shine On

This lily is like the first spring sun that breaks through after a dark winter period.
The name Shine On* says it all!

The feeling of ecstasy that this lily evokes in everyone who is allowed to receive a branch of it, comes from its association with the blissful spring feeling.  As if Claude Monet himself has put the brush strokes in the details of this elegant flower... Just like the warming of your skin by the first rays of the sun, an experience engraved in your memory after the first touch with this beautiful flower and kept between all your beautiful memories. Like the smell of freshly baked bread by mother on the Saturday morning. Or the smell of freshly cut grass.

 The Shine On provides a joyful sunshine in your home, discover it!

The Lilium Shine On* is grown by Decorum member Moerman Lilium. The new variety is now available at the Decorum webshop.

* Breeding by MarkLily

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