Decorum official member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

Decorum official member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

Decorum is an official member of Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. Chairman of Decorum John Grootscholten and FSI director Jeroen Oudheusden singed the agreement at the office of Decorum in the World Horti Center.

Decorum is the first cooperation of growers who have joined the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative. The FSI membership file consits of about 50 organisations and companies – retailers, trade companies, cultivators and suppliers – who have dedicated themselves to improve practices and drive positive change towards the sustainable production and trade of flowers and plants. Their goals is that 90% of traded products are sustainably produced and traded in 2020.

FSI is not a certificate, Jeroen explained, but an international network of parties working together on sustainability. This happens through projects and benchmarking, which reinforce their sustainability progams. John adds that for Decorum participating in FSI is an opportunity for producers to show initiative. “Besides, the consumers demands a clean and sustainable produced product. Together we can help each other to achieve that goal and within FSI we can learn from eachother.”

John Groot Grootscholten and Jeroen Oudheusden sign the agreenment. Photo by Geert Peeters.

FSI is dedicated to making the sector more sustainable and creating an equal playing field for growers, traders and retailers. The idea is to achieve that goal by seeking collaboration between all parties in the supply chain.

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