Decorum celebrates its 20th anniversary

Last Friday all members celebrated the 20th anniversary of Producer Association Decorum. Workwear and cycling outfits with old logos were removed from the attic especially for this occasion. With a barbecue, singer, a game and speeches by (former) chairs, we looked back on the past years. "Decorum is a grower's association that derives its raison d'être from quality products and mutual cooperation, which has been the guiding motives over the years and will continue to be so. Decorum is really more than just a club!" according to chairman John Grootscholten.

This autumn we will once again be celebrating the 20th anniversary with the company´s relations.

Maurice Nederpel - Nederpel Succulenten
Thom van den Heuvel - Hillplant


Stefan Slijkerman - Slijkerman Kalanchoë

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