Gardenia Gardenia Gardenia
Gardenia Gardenia Gardenia

Product information:

The deliciously fragrant Feel Green Gardenia is grown with the use of biological pesticides. The pots used for the Gardenia are made of 100% recycled plastic and could be recycled again. The packaging in which the Gardenia's are delivered is made of 100% recycled pressed paper. Also, during the cultivation of the Gardenia a heat storage and energy efficient unit is used. 

When properly cared for, the Gardenia can produce wonderfully scented creamy-white rose-like flowers for months on end. These flowers ensure that your living room day in day out is in a natural way provided with a jasmine smell. The dark green glossy leaves ensure that the plant is also very decorative when there is no open flower in the plant. 

The grower of our Feel Green Gardenia is MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS Quality and MPS ProductProof certified. 

Care tips:

  • Light, sunny spot.
  • Ideal temperature 18 - 25 ºC.
  • Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
  • Do not leave excess water in saucer/dish.
  • Water with soft water or rain water.
  • Apply fertiliser twice a month.
  • Remove dead heads of flowers.
  • Fragrant.
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