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Flor XL

FlorXL: ‘The joy of XLent Flowers’! XL stands for the huge flowers of the Anthurium plants which makes this nursery distinctive. FlorXL also distinguishes itself in terms of flexibility. You can turn to this grower for both large and small orders. FlorXL specialises in cultivating exclusive varieties of Anthurium (Dakota and Michigan) and  Agapanthus (Bluety and Whitney). It pays attention to the body of the Anthurium and the placement of the flowers as high as possible above the leaves. Sjef and his team are not only busy growing the best-quality products, they also take the environment into account. No more water is discharged by FlorXL, and many energy-saving measures have been taken. Sjef and his team deliver their best plants every day with the compliments of Decorum. 

  • Address : J. Poortmanweg 9
  • Phonenumber : 010-5111445
  • Email : info@florXL.com
  • Website : www.florxl.nl
  • Concepts : Feel, Tender
  • Certification : MPS A, MPS ProductProof