Decorum Consumer

“The Decorum growers stand behind their products which have been grown with love and passion.” – John Grootscholten, Decorum member JoGrow.

The consumer is the focal point at Decorum. Quality is a key factor, but there is much more to it than just the quality of the products. The consumer demands more and more sustainable production of products. Decorum growers are responding well to this. The flowers and plants of our members are grown under the right and most sustainable circumstances, so that an as strong as possible product is put on the market.

Decorum growers select the best for you, so that your flowers have a longer vase life and your plants have a longer shelf life. If you encounter the Feel Green brand at a florist or garden centre, you know that this grower has taken an extra step towards sustainability when growing the product. 

Are you interested in buying flowers and plants from our members? Ask your local florist or garden centre. Do you already have Decorum products at home and are you wondering how they can best be cared for? The care tips of the different products can be found in the product information of the products themselves.