Pretty Pastel

Do you know what one of the best things about spring is? That it is full of seasonal plants and flowers. Between February and May, we have 51 seasonal products for your home and garden. 

Let us show you some pretty pastel plants and flowers 💜



Originally found in the tropical areas of Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the Himalayans, the Cymbidium is a strong, hardy plant which survives between rocks, leaves and tree stumps. This is a tough nut. The Cymbidium is a cut orchid exuding a touching beauty. Not only is it very beautiful, it is also heavy with symbolism. In China, the Cymbidium is often gifted between friends, the flower symbolising valued and respected friendship. Our grower  notes: “The Cymbidum lasts a long time, approximately five weeks. Ideal therefore as a present for someone special, or even as a treat for yourself!”



The begonia stands for our love that has been discovered. Discover your love for the begonia and the begonia will give you something back in return, namely continuously new flowers. Spoil your loved one on Women's Day with this sweet flowering begonia! 



The Lisianthus (Eustoma) is particularly versatile. The flowers are cream, white, blue, pink, lilac, purple or salmon and some flowers even have varied coloured petals. As well as colourful, the petals are soft and delicate, so the plant needs treating with care and love. The Lisianthus may look all softness and sweetness, but it also possesses a strong symbolic character; the flower represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. This makes the flowers a perfect bouquet gift for someone or perhaps... even just for you! 



The Bromeliad is an ideal companion: pleasant and easy going. Water it regularly in its colourful calyx and sit back and indulge in its wild, attractive appearance. Originally found in the rugged areas of the Andes, as well as the jungles of Uruguay. The Bromeliad comes in manifold varieties and dimensions. Our grower tells us that the Bromeliad thrives in a bright spot away from direct sunlight.



The ranunculus comes all the way from central Asia originally. By a roundabout route the flower finally ended up in Europe, where it was given its official name: Ranunculus. This is the Latin word for frog - not so strange if you bear in mind that in the wild the ranunculus occurs in swampy areas. The ranunculus comes in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. Its petals open one by one, so you can slowly look deep into its good heart.
Did you know that the ranunculus symbolises charm? If you gave someone a bunch of ranunculus in Victorian times, you were saying: "I feel you have many charms." Those were the days eh? But you can be sure that nowadays you can still make people happy with a colourful bunch of ranunculus. Grower of this product: Andre Knoppert & Zn.



The Calla, also known as Zantedeschia, is a graceful flower with stylish looks. The flower is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, black and bi-coloured. Ample choice then! The flower originates in the marshlands which stretch from South Africa to Malawi, where conditions can range from swampy to parched. This makes the Calla not only beautiful, but also a survivor; a very strong flower indeed. The Calla symbolises various things; it is often considered as a metaphor for purity, standing for both sympathy and beauty. The flower is thought to bring luck. Calla is also known as a pitcher plant: The Greek gods apparently drank from its calyxes. The beautifully formed flower is a welcome complement to deluxe bouquets, corsages and decorations. However, solo in a vase the Calla also makes something of a statement.


We wish you a blooming International Women's Day. In many countries, it is customary for men to spoil all women around them with flowers, plants and other gifts. What do you hope to receive today or what have you already been spoiled with? 

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