Four colourful must-haves!

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Four colourful must-haves!

May 2021 - Blog

In the Netherlands, Mother's Day is anually celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This is the day all Dutch mothers are put in the spotlight and thus a great moment to surprise your mother with a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful plant. 💖

Even though in some countries Mother's Day is held on a different day, our flowers and plants are perfect for you and your mom every single day and we would like to introduce a few to you!


You will most certainly put a smile on someone’s face with a beautiful bunch of Gerberas. With its fresh colours and playful shapes, these flowers can be combined in a bouquet but also as a standalone bunch, these flowers will cheer up any room. Combine different colours and shades to create a real eye-catcher.

In the Netherlands, 900 million Gerberas in 600 different colours, shapes and sizes are produced every year. The Gerbera is a popular flower. Our Decorum growers R. Mooijman & Villa Gerbera grow the beautiful large Gerberas and Jac. Oudijk cultivates the Germini.



What do you think if this pink beauty? It may appear to be a rose, but we can assure you it is not. This is the Gloxinia, a plant originally found in the tropical rainforests in Brazil. You can still find this plant there in the wild, but nowadays it is best known as a beautiful houseplant. The Gloxinia has been a firm favourite for many years and is increasingly seen decorating modern interiors. The Gloxinia is a tuberous plant which means the plant can survive on its tuber in winter after which it will sprout and flower again in spring. This timeless asset will therefore provide you with pleasure for a very long time to come. Grower of this product: J & P Ten Have.



The Chrysanthemum got its name from the Greek words ‘Chrysos’, meaning gold, and ‘Anthemon’, meaning flower. Even though the flowers are originally yellow, the Chrysanthemum is nowadays available in all kinds of colours and variants (truss and fluff). This beautiful flower carries many symbolic meanings: it represents health and happiness amongst other things. No wonder this flower is often used in flower arrangements. With growers Van Dijk Flowers, Andre Knoppert & Zn., Arcadia Chrysanten & Van Wordragen Flowers, the Decorum range includes a large quantity of top quality Chrysanthemums.



The Phalaenopsis: a premier houseplant that has been the number 1 in houseplants for years. This orchid species used to grow on trees and rocks in tropical rainforests. After explorers discovered the plant in Asia and Australia in the 18th century, it quickly gained popularity in Europe, which nowadays does not seem to be a surprise. With its stunning appearance and long flowering period, this plant is an addition to every home.

Due to the shape of the flowers, this stylish icon is also known as the ‘moth orchid’. The flowers come in all different colours and can even be striped or speckled, making this plant a joy to look at. Each plant is raised with love and passion by our growers Duijn-HoveSion OrchidsOrchios & Bernhard Orchids.

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