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Novelty - Germini Barbados!

Don't lose sight of that wonderful summer with this delicious novelty ''Barbados''. Barbados is a beautiful strong Germini with a black heart.  A mono bouquet of these on the table and you will immediately feel like you are on the sunny island.

Behind The Scenes 3

Another first timer in the Behind The Scenes video series. A lady speaking. Annemiek gives a beautiful introduction of the Schlumbergera and also gives us an important message. Behind The Scenes 3!

The trend of summer 2020

You can't ignore it, this summer's most colourful trend. Color blocking! From your outfit, to your living room or vase. Mix and match as never before.  Here you will find everything about the do's and don'ts.

Behind The Scenes 2

Quality, Sustainability & Innovation in one place. Sjef, of nursery FlorXL, introduces the Decorum pot Anthurium. Behind The Scenes 2!

Freesia steals the show

Last week Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam was transformed into a true Freesia spectacle. The leaves of these fashionable flowers are always perfectly styled. No wonder Sisley Paris chose these eye-catchers for their decor. Click here to see what it looked like.

Behind The Scenes 1

The first in the Decorum Behind the Scenes videos! This time a look behind the scenes at Orchios. The nursery where the Decorum Phalaenopsis with extra large flowers come from. Henk tells...

Arcadia introduces the Rabelo

As of today Arcadia Chrysanten introduces a novelty called the "Rabelo". During the holidays there is always an increased demand for red fluffy chrysanthemums. Rabelo fills this need perfectly with its beautiful colour and velvety petals. This makes the chrysanthemum enormously versatile and the new standard in red fluffy flowers. Rabelo will be available up to Valentine's Day at the various flower auctions. 

Chrysanthemum Rabelo

  • Beautiful deep red colour
  • Fluffy chrysanthemum
  • Velvety soft petals

Novelty -  Lisianthus Falda White

Montana introduces Lisianthus Falda White

The exclusive Lisianthus Giant White has only just been launched and once again Montana Lisianthus presents a special introduction: the Lisianthus Falda White!

With her luxurious expression and her pure white appearance she steals the show in every arrangement. Her skirt of sexy lines fanning out in the fringed bell lines, reveals the name Falda, Spanish for skirt. Her buds open gracefully, like pirouettes on the dance floor, and always provide that ultimate floral experience.

  • Single flowered
  • Fringed
  • All white


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