Fun facts about flowers, plants and horticulture in general!

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Fun facts about flowers, plants and horticulture in general!

When you ask someone to tell you about how and where plants and flowers are cultivated in the Netherlands, you will often hear just about the greenhouses in the Westland, the flower bulb fields in the bulb region and North Holland. But the horticultural sector is so much more than that! Would you like to learn some fun facts, tips and techniques? Then keep on reading. πŸ’πŸŒΎπŸŒŠ


Hibiscus is also known as the Chinese rose (it originated from China and Southeast Asia, hence the name). This versatile plant can grow indoors, in containers or on the terrace. Its eyecatching aspect is of course the impressive flower. Outside in the sun, Hibiscus will repeatedly surprise you with these stunning flowers. Decorum grower Groenhof specialises in the cultivation of Hibiscus.

Did you know that a Hibiscus goes to sleep at night? 😴 If you want a good night’s rest, then follow the example of this beautifully flowering plant! Hibiscus is a plant filled with healthy nutrients. The petals can be used to make a herbal tea that’s a lovely deep pink colour, just like the flowers, and it does not contain caffeine, so it will not keep you awake; even better, it helps relieve headache and stress!



With its radiant appearance and cheerful, brightly coloured flowers, Campanula is a plant that reminds you of spring. With the right care, removing the wilted flowers and placing Campanula in a bright, but not too sunny, place, you can enjoy it all year round! 🌱 This fresh plant is not only cheerful, it is also sustainable! This is the logical outcome of being sustainably cultivated by our passionate growers, Ten Have PlantKwekerij Montis & Van den Berg De Lier.

The name Campanula comes from the Latin word for ‘bell’ after the shape of its flowers. These plants originated from northern Italy where they form a natural and colourful hanging carpet on rock formations in many places. This lovely plant is suitable for your garden or terrace, which is lucky, because not everyone has a rock formation in their garden. 



Freesia is a stunning flower that is lovely on its own in a vase, or combined with other flowers. Freesia is also called the 'Cape lily of the valley' because it was first discovered in South Africa. And it has a special meaning, standing for trust and innocence. It is often given as a present for the seventh wedding anniversary because it symbolises pure love. Grower of this product: Hofland Freesia

Fun fact! 🀩 Flower food, refreshing the water, no leaves in the water, cutting off the ends diagonally… you already know the most common care tips. But did you know that Freesia flowers last longer if you put 7Up in their vase? It’s true, try it and you’ll be surprised!



In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow. The flower was called after her because it comes in so many of the colours of the rainbow. Although Iris is always plentiful on the market in March, the warm weather in the summer greatly benefits these amazing flowers. 🌑️ Did you know that the heat stimulates Irises to grow to an enormous size, with thick stems of top quality? Once an Iris flowers, a lovely bloom appears with at least 3 calyces. Luckily, you can always count on the best quality from the Decorum grower Middenweg Flowers!


Moerman Lilium


Biological control comes in all shapes and sizes, from bees to sustainable machines and solar panels. Our growers do their best and are highly innovative when it comes to biological control. At Moerman Lilium you are likely to come across a chicken among the plants. Along with their passion for their products, they also share a passion for nature. πŸ’š Isn’t that great?



Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants


The ebb and flow of the tides is a well-known phenomenon at the beach! But did you know that it also has a place in horticulture? 🌊 Our growers known exactly how to profit from this effect, and have developed a special ebb and flow system in the greenhouse. It is a spectacular watering method!


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