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Product information

Beautiful symmetrical flowers, sturdy foliage and a slightly weathered look: nothing lends as much colour and structure to autumn as Calluna. Green in the winter and glowing purple and pink in the autumn - that's Calluna. This plant is also known as Calluna, it's a European classic and the perfect complement to winter Calluna or cross-leaved heath. Planted in the ground these plants form a thick, hardy carpet with a calm, authentic look. This fits perfectly with the current popular mood that plants should be left to do their own thing to some extent. In pots and containers Calluna is a robust feature plant with a strong shape. The plant grows in beautiful long shoots with overlapping leaves and small symmetrical flowers, combined, providing a great deal of colour.

Care tips

  • Calluna prefers a well lit spot with plenty of sun or partial sun. The more light it gets, the more beautiful the foliage will colour.
  • Calluna enjoys fresh air: the plant grows well when the wind can blow around it.
  • Choose slightly acidic, aerated soil that is not too heavy: ordinary potting soil will do.
  • Calluna is a survivor and needs little or no feeding.
  • Preferably water in the evening with rainwater, since tap water can easily be too 'hard' for Calluna. You only need to spray in the garden in the event of drought during the summer.
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