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Our story


Borst Bloembollen has a beautiful company in Obdam. On more than 215 hectares, they produce many different types of tulips. The tulips are grown in West-Friesland, South- & East Flevoland, North East Polder Flevoland, New Zealand and Chile. Borst specialises in exclusive varieties and flexibility. Per growing season, approximately 170 different cultivars are grown. Moreover, the growing season is long, because bulbs are grown in both the Netherlands and the Southern Hemisphere. Each year, the season therefore runs from late September to early May and approximately 40 million tulips are produced. With three deployable bunching machines, Borst can bunch in different quantities. All the flowers are pre-treated so that the tulips do not grow too tall and have a longer shelf life. Every season, Menno, Gijs and their team select the best tulips, with the compliments of Decorum.


Since a few years Borst Bloembollen also grows peonies. Because of their attention to detail, Borst delivers high-quality flowers and cuttings. They grow different kinds of peonies by which their assortment blooms early and later in the season. They cut the flowers at maturity in order to make sure the peonies will open. In addition, they ensure the maturity is the same within a batch of flowers. This way the end customer is never disappointed!

Borst Bloembollen

Address : Noorderbrug 5
Phonenumber : +31 (0)6 25 48 39 10
Email :
Website :
Concepts : Feel
Certification : MPS A, Global GAP
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