Celebrate life with flowers

Product information

Chrysanthemum: a ‘golden flower’. In Greek ‘chryso’ means gold and ‘anthemom’ flower. The Chrysanthemum permits warmth and colour into your interior. It will also brighten up any bouquet and remain fresh for a sustained period. The chrysanthemum comes in different varieties, namely: bunch and fluff. Like so many other flowers, the chrysanthemum also benefits from its own vocabulary of symbolism; it stands for health and happiness. An attractive narrative to accompany any gift of these beautiful flowers. Growers of this product: Van Dijk Flowers, Andre knoppert & Zn., Arcadia Chrysanten & Van Wordragen Flowers.

Care tips

  • Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food.
  • Trim the stems diagonally.
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