Innovation and (brand) development are key at Decorum. But what does this entail exactly? Decorum growers are always geared towards development; when cultivating plants and flowers they continuously search for the most exclusive, as well as the latest varieties and colours. Decorum members introduce their latest products by attaching the Decorum Innovation label. This striking marker awards the product just that little bit of extra attention it fully deserves.

‘Touch Me’ Galaxy primrose by Ammerlaan-Sosef
The ‘Touch Me’ Galaxy primrose is available exclusively from Ammerlaan-Sosef. This extraordinary primrose is the first primrose to display striking purple and white striped flowers. Usually primroses come either in a singular colour or the colours blend into each other, however this unique variety delivers contrast with its exuberant flower.

This novelty is exclusively available in Decorum packaging for day trading from week 51 to and including week 10. For more information regarding the Galaxy primrose or for ordering this product directly please contact Jeffrey Ammerlaan:

T 0031 (0)174 641 644

Iris Spot On
The Iris Spot On is exclusively cultivated in pots by HL Hogervorst. The splendid royal purple in combination with the speckled falls (white, purple and a hint of yellow) make this iris a striking newcomer. The colour of the petals becomes increasingly intense towards the tips, as if they had been dipped in an inkpot.


Narcissus Dear Love from HL Hogervorst
Just like the Iris Spot On, HL Hogervorst cultivates the Narcissus Dear Love exclusively in pots. This Narcissus is a lovely addition to the collection of butterfly narcissus, named after the wavy, split crown that closely resembles the outstretched wings of a butterfly. Enormous, creamy white flowers stand up straight and are blessed with warm apricot-coloured ruffles that change to clear yellow at the base. Fabulous! And the colours do not fade!


The Iris Spot On and Narcissus Dear Love are exclusively available from HL Hogervorst. These Decorum novelties are available from weeks 1 - 13. Please contact Gertjan Hogervorst for more information about the novelties or to order the product directly:

T 0031(0)252-372843